• Elizabeth Rain~Author

...In the Beginning...

Let me take you on the Journey of Me...I'll try not to bore...

I started the writing business in November of last year, 2018. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Would I be a Panster like Stephen King and just sit down and write my million dollar baby? Or would I follow the path of the majority of Authors and outline my first draft first and have a plan?

Then there was the question...do I write the great American Novel or would a Series be better? Indeed, would I even finish the thing? In reality, the path to finished Manuscripts is paved with good intentions; and a lot of Starving Authors. The Whole Journey needed to be taken with a Grain of Salt and a shot of Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 Whiskey; not the cheap stuff.

I sat down to write with more than a boatload of determination and stubbornness; and an outline. I needed time to write, but I worked full time as a teacher in a small rural school teaching elementary and middle school math, which took up most of my time. The answer? Get up at 4:30 in the morning and drive to McDonald's five days a week and write in the two hours before I had to be in class. Mostly that worked and I wrote the first book. Then I penned a second and decided that at my age, I'd better do it full time if I didn't want to die of sleep deprivation. So I took my pension and 'retired' to write full time.

In my Spare time (What's that?) I read every trade book related to the craft I could get my hands on. I learned to troll the best Social Media Self-Publishing Author groups on Facebook, I cried huge tears over Website design and Marketing...Yuck...Double Damn Yuck. But...I got better. I improved bit by bit. I found out early on that for me, writing the book was the easy part. Everything that came after was what was hard!

That said? I love what I do. I don't want to do anything else. I'm still green as grass new. As of this posting; I have four books written. The first is published and is live on this site; Magic in Her Shadow. Book II and III are in the editing process. I have a new series I've Started that takes place in the Magical town of Drae Hollow. The first rough draft in that series is written and many more are planned to follow.

Nowadays I split my time between editing my WIP (Work in Progress) and learning everything I can about building a functional website (Thank You SO MUCH Wix.com). I'm also still trying to master (never happen) all the ins and outs of the Publishing business.

If you would like to know more then please visit my home page. I'll try not to be a stranger here in BLOG LAND and to write about a variety of topics about all things a READER might dig as often as I can..

...Until then...Cheers!